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Production of Kobe Beef

Nakanishi Farm extraordinarily achieves over 90% of success

A round-the-clock thorough control!

In Hyogo Prefecture, there are currently 306 certified fattening farms producing Kobe Beef. 7,160 of Tajima Cattle and 4,679 cattle of Kobe Beef were produced from these farms in fiscal year 2014 (For reference, repot from Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association in 2014). If we simply calculate it, the production rate of Kobe Beef in general fattening farms is about 65.3%, a little over 50%. However, anyone engaged in production, process and distribution of Kobe Beef knows that there is a prestigious farm that sets an extraordinarily high rate. That is “Nakanishi Farm” located in Oshibedani, Nishi ward in Kobe. The owner, Yoshinori Nakanishi, is an expert in producing Kobe Beef since most of his Tajima Cattle are qualified as Kobe Beef.

The supreme Kobe Beef produced by “Nakanishi Standard” excels the best beef in Japan

The highest bid price was \7,220,000!

The production rate of Kobe Beef at “Nakanishi Farm” is over 90%, well over the average 65%
Yoshinori Nakanishi jokes saying that “Tajima Beef is rather a minority.”, but it’s clear that it’s not a joke if you look at the number. As previously mentioned in “About Kobe Beef”, there are extremely strict criteria to meet after slaughter in order to be certified as Kobe Beef. It is therefore almost impossible even for an expert to produce Kobe Beef at such a high rate. However it is actualized, which means there is certainly extraordinary hardship and effort behind it in order to accomplish the impossible. The raising environment is strictly controlled on a thorough round-the-clock basis, needless to say, there is a careful selection of calves and feeding while raising them. The supreme Kobe Beef has been continuously produced according to the best raising level with stricter criteria than that of “Kobe Beef”, so-called “Nakanishi Standard”. The beef produced from there are highly evaluated among Kobe Beef, and numerous numbers of Champion Beef are produced. Kobe Beef is usually valued \3,500 to \4,500 per kilogram (\1,300,000 to \1,800,000 per a cow), whereas his highest bid price is \7,220,000. He is a “title holder” marking the highest record.