KOBE BEEF TOURIST ASSOCIATION will contribute to the maintenance of brand value of Kobe Beef

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Where can we eat Kobe Beef?

“Kobe Beef Concierge--sightseeing guide” will make a suggestion about the best Kobe Beef restaurant.

What we found by interviewing the tourists who visit Kobe is that most of them “have an appetite for Kobe Beef”, however, they are often worried that “Kobe Beef is too expensive” or they are “uncertain which restaurants are authentic”. We also found that some of them even give up going to a Kobe Beef restaurant. We therefore started this service, which “Kobe Beef Concierge--sightseeing guide” makes a suggestion about the best Kobe Beef restaurant for the tourists, so that their worries are cleared up and they can enjoy the sightseeing in Kobe even more.


About Kobe Beef Concierge

Kobe Beef Concierge are selected after undergoing strict designated examinations and completing following training

“Kobe Beef Concierge--sightseeing guide” are only those who passed examinations designated by KOBE BEEF TOURIST ASSOCIATION and completed training. We take requests from tourists who visit Kobe or someone looking for Kobe Beef and make a suggestion for them, so that they can choose the best Kobe Beef restaurant. We can handle a reservation at their choice of Kobe Beef restaurant and assist their visit to the restaurant as well.

We are usually around Nankinmachi (Kobe Chinatown). Please don’t hesitate to speak to us when you see an arm band of “Kobe Beef sightseeing guide”.