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Trivia about Kobe Beef

There are no “living” Kobe Cattle

Kobe Beef refers to the beef selected from Tajima Cattle when slaughtering

Kobe Beef (officially called “Kobe-niku” or “Kobe Beef”) is an honorable title that is given to Tajima Cattle when slaughtering and if it meets strict criteria set out by Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association regarding the growing environment, breed and meat quality.

About Tajima Cattle, the source of Kobe Beef

Tajima Cattle are pure-blooded pedigree cattle raised in Hyogo Prefecture.

Tajima Cattle, a type of pure-blooded cattle keeping a good pedigree from the Edo Period to the present time, are raised in Hyogo Prefecture by designated farmers who are registered at Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association. Tajima Beef is a name for the meat produced from Tajima Cattle that are taken to a meat center in Hyogo Prefecture while they are between 28 and 60 months old and have Yield Grade A or B.

Tajima Cattle have fine muscle fibers thanks to their good pedigree and strictly-regulated raising environment, and that provide “marbling”. We can therefore enjoy tender and excellent texture. Tajima Cattle are also raised as breeding cattle to produce Matsusaka Beef and other prestigious beef other than Kobe Beef.

Kobe Beef = Tajima Cattle that meet the strictest criteria in Japan

Kobe Beef is Tajima Cattle that meet the strictest criteria among Japan top three Wagyu (Japanese Cattle)

Tajima Cattle must satisfy the strict requirements as previously mentioned in the first place, and those which meet even stricter criteria can be identified as “Kobe Beef (Kobe-niku)”. Kobe Beef has the strictest criteria among Japan top three Wagyu, Kobe Beef, Matsusaka Beef and Yonezawa Beef. It was covered in the American or other foreign media as one of the 9 most expensive foods in the world in 2009.

The Japan’s strictest criteria of Kobe Beef

  • Must be Tajima Cattle

    Must be Tajima Cattle which have been strictly controlled over generations, it is a prerequisite for being Kobe Beef.

  • Heifer or bullock

    Must be a heifer or a bullock

  • Certified farmer

    Must be raised by certified farmers

  • Purely produced in Hyogo Prefecture

    Must be born, raised and slaughtered, the entire procedure must be handled in Hyogo Prefecture

  • Yield Grade A or B

    Must have Yield Grade A or B (Yield Grade is standardized by the meat proportion in a cow that we can consume.)

  • Quality Grade more than 4

    Must have Quality Grade more than 4 (Quality Grade is standardized by the evaluation criteria such as marbling, color, fineness of muscle fibers and fat etc., ranged from 1 to 5.)

  • BMS, more than No. 6

    Must have BMS between 6 and 12 (BMS stands for Beef Marble Score and is standardized by the rank of marbling, ranged from 1 to 12.)

  • Rule of carcass weight

    Must be between 230kg and 470kg for a cow, 260kg and 470kg for a bull

Kobe Beef is internationally recognized

”Kobe Beef = Tasty beef” in Europe

Kobe Beef is certainly well recognized worldwide as it must meet such strict criteria. “KOBE BEEF” is a brand name for the best beef especially in the West.

Since it is considered “Kobe Beef = Tasty beef” in Europe, some beef is arbitrarily distributed with the name of “KOBE”. Some people even recognize “KOBE” as a kind of beef, not a place name.

The Japan’s best beef, Kobe Beef

The quality of Kobe Beef is outstanding among other expensive beef

The quality of Kobe Beef is outstanding among other renowned beef as it carries a certain tradition and history, in addition, it must meet the strictest criteria in Japan. Please make sure to taste it once, you will be amazed by everything.

Contact us if you are looking for authentic Kobe Beef

Beware, if you are looking for Kobe Beef, regardless of you are a tourist or a resident in Kobe!

We find some restaurants pretend as if they serve Kobe Beef by using the words like “Kobe” or “beef” as they are targeting those who seek for Kobe Beef. We correct the wrong perception, provide information about restaurants that can serve quality Kobe Beef with expected grade and price, and satisfy all the people who are interested in Kobe Beef.