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Kobe Beef burger

KISSHOKICHI Nankinmachi Branchイメージ

KISSHOKICHI Nankinmachi Branch

Special Ramen/Steak hamburger

A 3-minute walk from Motomachi Station!



Fried xiaolongbao (a hot steamed bun filled with meat and soup inside), which won a prize at Osaka-style Gourmet Grand Prix

A restaurant specialized in take-out run by KISSHOKICHI. KISSHOKICHI is well-known for a whole Kobe Beef purchase. The new item “KISSHOKICHI Kobe Beef fried xiaolongbao” won a prize at Osaka-style Gourmet Grand Prix!! Enjoy the supreme steak hamburger with the quality and taste that only KISSHOKICHI can offer! When it’s cold, “the hottest MENU” is waiting for you!! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for catering, we deliver to events.