KOBE BEEF TOURIST ASSOCIATION will contribute to the maintenance of brand value of Kobe Beef

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Business entertainment and introductory meeting

Kobe Beef Namikiイメージ

Kobe Beef Namiki

Kobe Beef Teppan Steak

A 5-minute walk from Sannomiya Station!




A 5-minute walk and easy access from Sannomiya Station, Professional space in the entire restaurant provides mature atmosphere of hidden place. The entire restaurant can be reserved, max 8 persons.



Steak/Corse meal

A 4-minute walk from Sannomiya Station!



Enjoy Kobe Beef Steak in the relaxing space decorated with antique style.

LENTAMENTE means “slowly” in Italian. The inside is placid decorated with antique style, just like the image of restaurant’s name. It is hidden located underground of a building. What we are proud of the most is we serve everybody’s dream “Kobe Beef” at a reasonable price. Professional experts visit farms and auctions, and purchase a whole champion beef which meet the strict criteria of Kobe Beef. That’s why we can provide Kobe Beef at an affordable price. We can make it possible because we are a directly managed by a specified restaurant offering Kobe Beef. You can enjoy safe and trusted 100% Kobe Beef in various cuisines such as steak or beef stew. We offer a wide variety of course meals and lunch. We are accepting after-party or girls’ party as well.

Yazawa Main Branchイメージ

Yazawa Main Branch


A 5-minute walk from Sannomiya Station!



Enjoy Kobe Beef produced from Nakanishi Farm, which received Champion title many times!

A 5-minute walk from Sannomiya or Motomachi Stations. We are a Kobe Beef Yakiniku restaurant run by the popular KISSHOKICHI where we can enjoy champion Kobe Beef! We deal with Kobe Beef produced from Nakanishi Farm on a priority basis, and offer it at as the best price as possible, so that you can enjoy it casually. All seats are designed as quasi-private room and inside the restaurant offers placid Japanese atmosphere. Especially a private room on the third floor offers a night view of the garden. Come and enjoy it once!! We look forward to serving you.

Kobe Beef Kurosawaイメージ

Kobe Beef Kurosawa


A 3-minute walk from Motomachi Station!



“Kurosawa”, located close to Kobe Chinatown (Nankin-machi), is a “choice-style” Kobe Beef restaurant where you can choose a type of meat depending on your preference or budget

You can enjoy a full-course meal including Kobe Beef red wine stew, salad, steak, rice and dessert. Kobe Beef offers tender and mild texture and sweet aftertaste. Especially “Champion Kobe Beef” entitled at a fair tastes good. How about being intoxicated with the authentic taste and feeling luxury with someone you love?

KISSHOKICH Main Branchイメージ



A 3-minute walk from Motomachi Station!



Purchase a whole “Champion Kobe Beef” only

KISSHOKICHI buys up a whole Champion Kobe Beef and Excellence Awards winning Kobe Beef entitled at Kobe Beef auction. We carefully select ingredients. Rice and vegetables are from contracted farms, fish in season are from Seto Inland Sea and Torafugu (tiger puffer) are directly sent from Yamaguchi Prefecture. Enjoy Champion Kobe Beef in our placid Japanese space. We offer a good deal depending on the number of people in your group. Please visit us if you are a big group or come to Kobe for sightseeing. We offer three kinds of course meal using plenty of Kobe Beef and seasonal ingredients. We guarantee your satisfaction with our rich contents. Private rooms are available in various sizes, maximum 30 people. We have two floors. The first floor has private rooms for small groups, and maximum 30 people can fit on the second floor. Enjoy your meal in our stylish yet subtle Japanese space.