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About Kobe Beef

About Kobe Beef

They are all Tajima Cattle before slaughteredSlaughtered carcasses are named?!

They are all Tajima Cattle before slaughteredSlaughtered carcasses are named?!?

To begin with, “Kobe Cattle” do not exist. Some might think it is nonsense, but it is an undeniable fact that there is “no existence” of Kobe Cattle “as a breed”. So, what is “Kobe Beef”, which is well-known as renowned brand beef in the world? In order to answer the question, we need to take a look at a slaughterhouse.

An auction of Kobe Beef takes place at 5 markets in Hyogo Prefecture. At first, unneeded parts of slaughtered cattle are removed at a slaughterhouse and the remained carcass is split into half, which is called “dressed carcass”. All of the dressed carcasses are “Tajima Cattle” at that point. Then, the dressed carcasses are submitted to a fair handled by “Japan Meat Grading Association”, where marbling, color, fineness of meat texture and fat quality are strictly examined. This is so-called “rating”. The beef which meet required criteria in the rating can change its name from “Tajima” to “Kobe”.

Pedigree cattle doesn’t mean “Kobe Beef”

The strictest criteria in the world!

The accreditation criteria of Kobe Beef are technically regulated by 5 factors; “A heifer or a bullock”, “BMS (Beef Marbling Standard): No. 6 and above”, “Yield Grade: A or B”, “Quality Grade: 4 and above” and “Carcass Weight: 470kg and less”. In addition, these conditions are requisite as a basic premise; continuous pure blood mating of pedigreed Tajima Cattle and being bred and raised by designated farmers in Hyogo Prefecture. There are other kinds of domestically-produced brand beef, but none of them has strict rules as Kobe Beef has. The rating rules are the strictest among the Japan top three Wagyu, Kobe Beef, Matsusaka Beef and Yonezawa Beef. It is even considered that the rating level of Kobe Beef is the highest in the world. As a matter of course, the quality of Kobe Beef is outstanding compared to other Japanese beef cattle. A chrysanthemum seal called “Nojigiku-han” is stamped on the certified carcass as Kobe Beef. Among them, the supreme beef receives the highest award. This is so-called “Champion (Kobe) Beef”. 1 to 3 cattle receive the Excellence Awards, and 4 to 5 cattle receive the Superiority Awards in each group of heifers and or bullocks. Others are certified as normal Kobe Beef. *BMS (Beef Marbling Standard) is a standard to show the fineness of crossed fat by the numbers from 1 to 12. The higher the number is, the finer.

Pedigree cattle doesn’t mean “Kobe Beef”

The strictest criteria in Japan!

At the auction, carcasses hung on the gigantic rail appear in front of traders one after another. Beside it, images of a cross section and producer’s name are shown on the screen. The Champion Beef at “The 265th Kobe Beef Carcass Auction” held at Kobe Branch of National Federation of Livestock Agriculture Cooperative Associations on January 19th in 2015 is from Yamanoguchi Farm, one of the farms of Nakanishi Farm Group that has a strong connection with KISSHOKICHI. 3 cattle from Nakanishi Farm Group also received the following Excellence Awards. How does Nakanishi Farm Group achieve such good results outstandingly among 306 designated farms producing Kobe Beef? What is the secret? And, how do they produce Champion Beef that stands at the summit of worldwide renowned Kobe Beef?